Monday, June 1, 2009

Researching my Options

Today I took sometime out to research all the different options I have for losing this weight. There are many. First I know I don't want to take pills or do get skinny quick plans. I want to find a solid plan that will work with my hectic lifestyle. A friend suggested something that will work till I find something more permanent.
She called it the half cup diet. I can eat any thing I want but I can only eat a half of it. No seconds. Salad greens and salad vegetables I can have up to 3 cups a day. I love salad and I love it even more with Gorgonzola beans. Yum yum. Also i have to learn to like and this is so gross, water. Eww I know.
Today I took a walk around the block today. It's actually a mile around. It was fun I got a little color while I walked. I love getting a little color this time of the year. Can't wait till the pool water is a little warming so i can go swimming out side and read out side by the pool. More color.
On other fronts. Today was really a terrible horrible no good rotten day. I think I'm losing my boyfriend. We have a long distance relationship and the distance thing is getting really hard. Work while not hard is really emotionally draining lately.


  1. Speaking of salads the strawberry poppy seed salad is back in season at panerea. 1/2 cup at a time...mmmm :-)

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  3. Last time I had that it wasn't as good as it used to be. My favorite will always be fuji chicken salad. Yummo