Saturday, May 30, 2009

About Me Nikki

Hi. I decided today to start a blog about my weight loss tangle. All my life I have been bigger then my peers. I went to high school with a lot of girls that were just so small and seems so much happier then I have ever been. I was a size 14 from grade 7 till I graduated. I till this day am very happy that I was able to maintain my weight that long through high school.

Then soon after I graduated from high school I got married and being poor pasta was cheap. At least 5 times a week it was the main stay of our diet. Soon I noticed I was gaining weight.
Two years into my marriage I got pregnant and I ballooned up to 275 after the baby was born. No, No still hadn't hit rock bottom. I didn't really start trying to lose weight till I was 332 and I had just found out the my husband of many years was having multiple affairs.

My first real attempt at weight loss was a success I started Atkins and lost 75 lbs before everyone and their mother made me switch to Weight Watcher with that I lost another 35 lbs. Then I lost my drive when I started going back to school.

That was 4 years ago and I am happy to say I don't weight in at 334 anymore. I also didn't regain all my weight loss from before but I am gaining. In August of 2008 i weight 234 less then I weight before I got pregnant with my child. Since that weight in I have become a single mother, full time worker and a full time student trying to get a degree asap. With all my schedules all the things that I need to get done in my daily life I have gained. Not sure at this moment how much but I have gained. I know this because i just recently had to get larger pants.

So starting this moment. I plan to figure out what I need to accomplish my goal and achieve it.
I love to win Achievements on Xbox 360. I play video games just to win these achievement so why not take that same drive and put it on something much much more important. Me and my health and my families time with me.

I have a great boyfriend that I one day want to marry and have babies with him. My only child is 10 now. I want to see my future babies grow up also. So please join me and offer support. Slap me around whatever it takes to get me to do this. Offer suggestions anything really, or hey just read what I have to say.



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